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Gao Zhisheng is one of the most unyielding and iconic advocates for justice in China having been nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize (2008 and 2010). In response to Gao's legal defense of human rights activists and religious minorities and his documentation of human rights abuses in China, Gao has been disbarred, and harassed, imprisoned and tortured numerous times.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

China Aid learns Gao Zhisheng is back home

Gao Zhisheng
(Photo: China Aid)
China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Yulin, Shaanxi—Sept. 25, 2015) China Aid reported yesterday that Gao Zhisheng had been kidnapped by public security bureau officers following the release of news about torture he experienced while in prison. Since that time, China Aid has learned that Gao is back home and in peace.

Gao asked China Aid founder and president, Bob Fu, to “thank everyone who cares” about Gao. At this time Gao is still denied freedom of movement and access to medical care or a shower.

Details surrounding the situation are unclear at the moment. China Aid will continue to monitor the situation and update the story as more information becomes available.

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